• Testimonials

  • Lubomir Manov Family is Dentistry is by far the best Dentistry in town! The staff is always so friendly and timely with the appointments. Dr. Ellie is always honest and explains all your options with your visit. I have been to other dentists who try to upsell their services that are unnecessary. I strongly recommend Lubormir Manov Dentistry for honesty, reliability, timeliness and ethics!

    Jill H.

  • I have been visiting Lubomir Manov Dentistry for several years now and they are the only dentist I use. They are always accommodating, always efficient and always reasonably priced. They handle pain reduction very well.

    Only once did I visit another dentist in recent years, only because I could not get a convenient appointment with LMD, and I was (a) shocked by the prices and (b) shocked by the gimmicks and hard sell tactics of the staff and dentist. I left as quickly as possible and waited to get back to LMD.

    I have no complaints about LMD whatsoever.

    Excellent dentists.

    Julian H.

  • Hands down the best and most amazing dentist and staff I have ever been to!!! You should certainly come here for your dental needs!! I have massive anxiety issues and they are so wonderful here that, well I cant say I look forward to going but, I can go in knowing I will be excellently taken care of! Thank you Dr. Manov and thank you to all the amazing staff you have!!!

    Sherrie B.

  • 'm highly recommend to anyone this place it's very clean friendly and very care down too earth friendly customers service. On time never late on the appointment. If had a 10 stars I will give evry each time 10 stars . Thank you dr. Manov and Ellie.

    Beynour A.

  • This time I went it was very painful for me, and what made it great was how my dentist communicated with me. She told me what she was doing every step of the way. And she encouraged me through the pain to try to stay calm and take a deep breath. It made me feel very cared for. I have never had a better dentist than Lubomir, and I tell everyone I know that!

    Megan G.

  • Such a great experience. Lora was the best. Attended me with a kindness and with a smile on her face. I was a little nervous cause I haven't had a good experience at dentist's office, but she was awesome. She made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely go back to this office.

    Ejona R.

  • I want to thank everyone for their patience and kindness when seeing me. I have a deep fear of the dentist and am very slowly getting better. You are all very kind and do not make me feel embarrassed. You take breaks when I need them and even wipe tears for me. It gets a tiny bit easier with each visit. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Melissa B.

  • I have seen several dentist over the years! I was referred to Dr. Manov by my regular dentist when he went on vacation, I never went back to my regular dentist, been seeing Dr. Manov for over 5yrs. now! I feel that he's honest and straight to the point! He's not pushing root canals or implants, unless you really need the work done!! If and when you do need a root canal or implant - he's fast, painless and does all the work in his office!!

    Lori D.

  • I have been going to Lubomir Dentistry with Dr. Manov for 16 years, I started seeing Dr. Manov, and when his daughter graduated, I now see her.

    They are very friendly, from the front desk to the hygenists, to the Doctors. I love this dentist and they do whats best for you and your mouth!!!!!

    If you have not been to Lubomir Family denitstry you should try them, you will NEVER hate the dentist again.....

    Melissa B.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Manov's for almost 20 years. He has exceeded my expectations at every appointment. All facets of his practice are exemplary. His skills continue to grow and he is current with all phases of the dental profession. This past appointment was no exception.

    Michael A.